ACL Audit Tool. Take a snapshot of all your ACL settings for all your DBs

Written –  July 13 2010
Here is a quick, easy, fast and simple tool to find out who can do what to your databases.
An Absolute Life saver.
Infact I run this tool every so often and when ever some one asks me a tuff question about security I can answer it in seconds.
The other kool thing is when ever we do a full audit of ACLs this is a huge time saver.
The best part is that this was created by Big Blue ages ago and it’s the best tool I have ever found.
Check it out
It takes 3 easy steps
 1) Select the server and what you want scanned
 2) Select your conditions and display options.
 3) Select the file name and path
Once you run the tool it generates a HTML file with hyperlinks that point to the database you want to see, the results that look like this.
PS (I know it’s not Thursday)

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