Formula Language Debugging made easy

 Formula Language Debugging made easy

I know this tip has been out there for a long time, but I just had to re-post it, it is just too useful.

  1. Paste any formula in the subject  of an email
  2. Press Shift + F9
  3. And the results will appear in the subject

And don’t be shy you can go as complicated as you like, and as many lines as you want.

Here are some samples one to try out
Example 1
@Prompt([OK];”Business days in 2001″;@Text(@BusinessDays([01/01/2001]; [12/31/2001]; 1 : 7;[01/01/2001] : [01/15/2001] : [02/16/2001] : [05/28/2001] : [07/04/2001] :[09/03/2001] : [10/08/2001] : [11/22/2001] : [11/23/2001] : [12/25/2001])));

Example 2
RequestedBy:=”Last , First”;
@DbLookup(“”;”Server”:”Names.NSF”;”People”; RequestedBy ;”InternetAddress”)

The other kool thing is that all error messages appear in the subject line, and you can use the body as your work in progress section.



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