How old is your local copy

How old is your local copy

Case Scenario
You just archived/deleted/cleaned up 2 years worth of data.  Shrink-ed your DB size and DB doc by 1/3.

At the same time a remote user decides he/she no longer needs local copies because they just got ultra high speed internet.
User disables replication and will work from Server copy from now on.  Does this for 9 months and then he realizes he is going on a road trip, needs his local copy so he can work on the plane.

•    User wonders why replication is taking so long.
•    You and your company wonder why and where these old documents are coming from.

(this post was written years before PIRC)
How to prevent this from happening using a LS
•    Add a few lines of code to the post open section of the mail template that can look up the replication history of databases, and can email the user to let him know he/she  needs to replicate, or send a notice to IT that this person’s local copies should be deleted.  Notices get sent each time user opens his Mail.  It is fast, easy and efficient.

Partial code taken from

With this code you could send out emails similar to this;

This has literally saved my life like a billion times.
You should give it a try.



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