How to deal with view Overdose

Written –  July 22 2010
We all have those Databases which have too many views, or views that have too many sorts or categories and we just don’t know how to deal with them or if there even in use.
Well there is a simple solution to do a quick clean up.
Make sure you have a template of the database incase you end up deleting a view you need, so you can put it back easily.
Once your sure you have a backup ;
  • Go into the admin console
  • Find your database
  • Right click and go to Manage Views …

There you will see how big your view indexes are, and what percentage of the Database they represent.

Sort by size and all the ones with 0 sizes may be views that are no longer used and could be cleaned up.  Be careful to make sure they are not used as lookups or by agents or a view that is used every so often.
Now for the big views, check to see if they are really needed, can they be merged so that one of them can be deleted, is there an alternate view exsiting that is smaller.
Or you can try optimizing the view, reduce the sorts, reduce the categories, reduce the columns, adjust the selection, or basicly simplify and clean up the view.
Here is some quick info to see how this can effect your views
View index size versus response times
View size versus refresh time
A good trick I picked up is to create a cutoff date to exclude all old documents from the view.  This helps to speed up the view and reduce the index size too.
@Year(@Modified) < 2008
Enjoy JT

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