Return Receipt Demystified + Free Code

Return Receipt Demystified + Free Code
Case Scenario:
When I was much younger I used to have a manager who, always seemed to be late and would call in to let me know which emergencies to take care of before he comes in.  The strange thing was he would call exactly 5 minutes after I arrived to work.
It took me a while to figure out that he was return Receipting his emails to keep tabs on me and that is how he knew exactly when I arrived at work.
After doing some research I was never able to find an easy way to identify the emails that are return receipt or how to prevent the email to be sent out.  The only indication you get is the status bar prints “Return Receipt submitted for Delivery …”
So I modified my mail template to take care of all this, I added a column that displays an icon if someone is return Receipting and I added a button to prevent the Received  Email from going out.
To my surprise the Upper management has the same issues and is now requesting these features to be available to them.
So I guess I am not the only one who finds them dam annoying.
Anyways here is what I discovered, any email that is return Receipt will have a field
ReturnReceipt set to “1”
So use this code to see it in a column (set column to display values as icons)
icon1 := 35;
@If (ReturnReceipt=”1″;icon1;””) 
To turn off Return receipt create a button with the code below and simply highlight the email and press the button
FIELD ReturnReceipt :=””; 
Thats it, hope you learned something.

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