The Koolest comments I have ever found in a Notes database

The Koolest comments I have ever found in a Notes database, but I still don’t understand it, can some one let me know what the Programmer is talking about??
Hello All
I have a 15 year old DB that I maintain, the entire company runs off of this thing and everyday I learn something new from it.
3 years ago I found this form, it has to be the koolest comments I have ever found, the only thing is I am dying to know which bug the developer is referring too.
It sounds pretty serious, I am guessing it was an issue related to an earlier release of notes, the form was created in 1996.
Since Notes Databases never die I think we should all be leaving little messages like this to the next generation of developers.
Attn : To whomever gives a darn:
This form acts like a door stopper during the update process.
There is the infinitesimal possibility that a child PACUNID document will be stationed at the very abyss of the update lookup view.  If this scenario ever occurs (God forbid!) the do update macro will fail to complete smoothly.  In particular, the @command([NavigateNext]) statement will choke in the most disgusting way imaginable.  Consequently, the user will be left dumbfounded not knowing what to do and in a fit of panic will call the original developer (ie. me).
In order to shield myself from any user contact because it could be ill-fated talking to a user over the phone, I have incorporated additional protection into the code.  This simple idea, credited to another developer, will form a termination point that is “100% bullet proof”.
The stopper form only stores one value, a string of “9”s.  Forcing a string of “9”s into the PACUNID should place the stopper form at the very bottom of the update lookup view, thus, virtually guaranteeing the graceful conclusion of the update process.
The Programmer.
(Field PACUNID containing “9999999999999999999999999999999999”)
NB: _HF is an acronym for hidden form. 

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