Using Sametime as a Blackberry Application

Using Sametime as a Blackberry Application

While I was at Lotusphere I came across an amazing idea by Rob & Viktor (SNAPPS). They briefly discussed how sametime can be used as a blackberry application. The reason why I loved this idea so much was because it was something, to me at least totally brand new, a direction I have never thought of.

This was the perfect solution for me because my admins and management are a little paranoid and have disabled the browser, and publishing to the blackberry is a no no for now.

So that leaves me with Using Sametime as a Blackberry Application and saves me a lot of because

* We already have sametime

* It is already deployed to your Blackberries

* It is secure

* You can easily enable any database to be available to the blackberry

Most of my research for this project came form the following sites (BP210: The Great Code Giveaway)

Not only did this provide seamless integration to the Notes Databases, but I soon discovered I was able to connect to any databases, or applications, outside of notes, you just have to find a way to connect. For us I connected to our ERP system using JDBC connector to talk to our SQL server. But any of the following connectors would work fine.




* Export/Import

My goal is to Blackberry enable multiple DB with different workflow in 3 easy steps.

The Idea: 3 step process

1. Create sametime user for bot

2. add one INI file containing login info

3. Add a setup doc to the database which contains your workflow options

I would release this code but it is very similar to the Snapps code I would encourage everyone to take a look at it. (BP210: The Great Code Giveaway)




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