Why should a Developer attend an Admin Boot Camp?

Why should a Developer attend an  Admin Boot Camp?

Recently I had a chance to attend a 5 day IBM training course in Montreal which turned out to be the best training course I have ever taken.

When I registered for this course my expectations were pretty low. I was expecting the whole install and configure a server and add security process to be such a complicated procedure that I would see and forget the next day.

To my surprise I can now get a server up in going in about 5 min, no more waiting on an Admin to build my lab for me, besides admins always have more important things to do then help a developer.


Comic taken from Xkcd.com

So why was this course so amazing!! The same reason any course is amazing, the instructor was kick ass!! The instructors name was Daniel Jans , and he covers most of the Province of Quebec and is fluent in both English and French.

He knew all the material and we never even needed the books, in fact we only touched the books on the last day of the course to ensure we did not miss any topics. Each day passed lighting fast and all topics were so easy to understand. Its like a whole new world has opened up.

Now I am stuck asking my self the same question over and over again. Is Notes really that easy or was my instructor that good? It was probably a bit of both.

The best part is that Daniel Jans also teaches Dev courses, such as Dojo, Ajax, Xpages, this guy does it all. So if you’re in the area and need some training in notes I suggest you track this guy down.

Here is a list of some of the cooler things I picked up;

* How to set up a server

* How to troubleshoot server issues

* How to create users with all preferences set properly atomically

* Some of the secrets of the Admin Console

* How to rename a user, ( I feel so embraced about this, I used to do this manually)

* ID Vault is my new best friend, I can’t wait to create a website where users can reset their own passwords, were talking about a huge time saver and more happy users.

* I never know there were performance monitors in notes, definitely going start using that.

* I always knew DDM was a life saver, but I never knew how he worked

* All the monitoring tools, never knew there were so many

* XACL, never knew it existed

* How to change the Delay Notification interval time, please look it to this if you have not done so already

* What the Decommission feature does, no more using home grown tools for this

* Tips on setting up Transaction Logging Properly

* I already knew I wanted DAOS, now I want it even more

* The benefits of changing Out of Office to a service, please look it to this if you have not done so already

* Java Console

* How to create widgets and Composite Apps and how powerful they are. (I already knew this but was impressed when it was covered in an admin course.)

* Some kool tools like Daos estimator, DCT

* Of course some Notes.INI secrets

* And a lot more

When I get a chance I will try my best to cover each of these in more detail.

My final advice to all devs and admins, you are never gona be elite until you know everything there is about your tools and how they work. Especially in notes there are so many jems hidden in there just waiting to be discovered that will do the job so you don’t have to.

JT (Advance Developer, Rookie Admin)


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