SNTT: What is a Notes Identifier and what does it do??

SNTT: What is a Notes Identifier and what does it do??
The notes identifier can be found on in the 5th tab of the document properties and looks as follows;
According to Help document it is a Unique ID string that identifies the document.
But it can do so much more!!
Before I talk about what it can do, let’s take a detail look at the syntax.
Here is an example of how it looks like.
Here is the syntax
Notes://server/path/db.nsf/viewName/UNID     –  this will opens a document
Notes://server/path/db.nsf                                     – opens default view
So what does this mean??
It means the following links all point to the same document.
  **when setting the path you can use %2F instead of a slash, depending on where you use the notes identifier you may have better results with this option
Now lets get a little fancy, here what you can do;
Notes://server/path/db.nsf/viewName/UNID                              –  this will opens a document
Notes://server/path/db.nsf                                                              – opens default view
Notes://Server/Mail/Jtailor.NSF/($sent)?openview                  – open any view, replace ($sent) with your view name
Notes://Server/INT/Mail/Jtailor.NSF/memo?openform            – open any form
Notes:///85256F3A00672CF9                                                          – using the replica ID and omitting the path will Open from local replica, if not found uses server replica
So the Notes Identifier is the same as a doc Link?
Well not really, Since Notes 6 a URL that uses Notes:// as a protocol can be used in notes or any other application!!  As long as you have access to it, via the ACL.
This means you can do use the notes identifier everywhere…
 Word, Excel, internet explorer, Run box …
Other cool thing you can do ;
Export notes data to excel and include the Notes Identifier in the export so your users can jump to the corresponding notes document from excel.
If you got a CRM, ERP system, pay roll system outside of notes, you can drop a notes url to link to corresponding notes data.
So that’s basically what the notes Identifier is, I hope you enjoyed the read.

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