My Connect 2016 Story: Day 2 and something


My Connect 2016 Story: Day 2 and something

For Those who missed the last post, Check it out here

Day 2 was an early start, I think it was the only time I managed to catch breakfast.   For any sponsor who want extra visitors to your booth if you had a breakfast giveaway each morning for all those who missed breakfast I am sure you would get a lot more traction.  Just a Granola Bar, a fruit, juice box would be enough.. hint hint 😉


The OGS was kool, some people didn’t like the guest speaker, I found him entertaining.  The Canned demo and script was good, over all I liked what I saw.

The only thing missing was the big “Available Now product launch” but I can understand sometimes things don’t line up.  Knowing that verse on prem, is coming soon, runs on domino and some other magic was good news to me!   I have quite a few complaints with the current Notes Client, and the whole xpinc experience.  I hope it resolves some of these issues as well.

I really like this article describing the whole OGS best;

Some of the Best sessions of the day for me included

– Nathan’s Once you go Graph…  the topic was a little out there but entertaining.  I would really need to see/play with some sort of Demo app before I am ready to make the plunge.  Always an amazing conversationalist!


– John Jardin’s Optimus Xpages…  John, John, John, just yesterday you were my favorite presenter, We talked, shared stories, you were the man!!  Then you had to go and do this presentation and show me that everything I thought was best practice for xpages was wrong, (not actually wrong but out dated)  and just like that everything changed.  Just when I thought I got a handle of this Xpages thing and set up a whole bunch of internal best practices for it and thinking I know my sh*t.  John comes along and tells me I have fallen behind, and gave me a whole new set of best practices to follow.  Must see for session for any Xpages Dev.



By the way John lied no Autobots or anyone on cyberton uses Xpages, not because its bad!!  They like it but they were never able to successfully download Domino from Passport advantage.  They are looking at Blue Mix, cause there is  nothing to download.

<-Actual image of Optimus using Blue Mix!! They changed watson’s name to telatram1

Next up were the parties, my aussie crew got tickets to of course the aussie party, and as usual I never made it to the booth to get my ticket, and there was no way I could fake an aussie accent anyways!!  So we agreed that if one of the parties were a bit dry we would crash the others party, and with that we were off.

My First stop was the Canadian Party(more of a standup dinner party) accompanied by two beautiful ladies, Ms Kim Greene and a coworker of mine Frankie.  The Canadian party was very nice, but filled with very few Canadians, sorta like the aussie party I guess minus the alcoholics and trouble makers, besides as Canadian were too polite to turn anyone down.


We stayed till it was time to go and made our way to BB lounge thank you Wipro for a good night.  Food and open bar was good, band was good!   But the party had trouble starting, so the band did its best to find beautiful women to start the party I did my best to get the beautiful Kim selected and soon the whole bar was chanting Kim, Kim, Kim.  No good deed goes unpunished as I was forced to accompany Kim to the dance floor and got this party official started.  (My job here was done)  If anyone has pics of this please send em to me, in my heighten state of consciousness I am sure we looked a little like this.


As usual no party is compete until some random guy jumps on stage and starts removing his attire (for the record it wasn’t me).  By the end of it all we made friends with the band the staff met a few random peeps and decided it was time to take on the aussies.

Like all people who are slightly intoxicated we hailed a bicycle taxi jumped on and headed to the aussie party.  No joke a bike taxi!!  How kool!! The Bike guy dropped us right in front of the bouncers and we were ushered in like we were superstars, it was even better than my prom.


Aussie party rocked, thanks Ephox, and now that the crew was all together we were ready to party.


Only weird thing was the guys who worked in the bathroom were overly friendly/aggressive, it was agreed for the first time in history no guy should venture to the bathroom alone.  You had to experience it to believe it.  The dueling pianos was amazing and of course we partied it up and made a few new connections as well as made friends with the band.  It was a memorable night.  Here a pic with the me and one of the band members. Thanks again Ephox!


After they shut down the place we once again ended up on the 17 floor for the after party, whoever room it was love you man.  We met the sirius group there and for the life of me I had no clue who they were until they said they used to be Acendant.  I was like dude your south park commercial rock you have to bring them back.  They had no clue what I was talking about.  In case you sirsus guys are reading this bring these back.

There was another girl there also who kept asking me to test her Rich Text Field, not sure if she was serious or just flirting with me, she made me pinky promise.  I have co clue which partner it was so someone let me know.  I pinky promised

So with that it made for 1 kool OGS, 2 Great Breakout sessions and 4 parties in 1 night.  Not bad for the First official day of the conference and day 2 and something.


Sorry for the long post




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