Preparing for SF … IBM Connect 2017

Hey Its me, still alive, still working with Domino.
I have to admin my batteries are low, I ran out of the Blue Kool aid about 6 months ago and am in desperate need of a pick me up.
Having this event one month later, show how much I need this yearly get away. I almost feel like I am suffering from withdrawals. It may be a Canadian thing, one can only handle the cold for so long.

Here is a video of my hometown and what we went thru this year!!

2 Buses a police car and a snow truck on ice
Now you know why I miss Orlando!!  The Heat, not wearing winter boots and a jacket twice my size and of course the beer was so good last year20160130_222444

And of course the Parties, they all rocked!!


Such fond Memories,.. had to have been my best connect ever.

That being said Miss Inhi Cho Suh you better bring it!!

So Orlando’s out, it is not only a new location, this year.. Its in  Freaking San Fran!!  I have no idea how this will affect my party stamina, being 3 hours off.   But I will try to make the most of it.  If you see me dosing off please hand me another drink.

Also a suggestion from my blog last year.. Any booth that offers a late breakfast will see me as soon as I wake up.

As usual my Boss asked me this year do you think it is worth it this year.  And my response was I have no idea.. no one is talking about the parties yet or the special event and we are less then 20 days away.  This worries both of us.   But hey its freaking SF downtown!!!  We can make our own party!  No Worries!

Plus I already contacted the party crew from last year and were all making it down.. so we plan to be causing some trouble In SF.

In other news we actually have a few concerns and questions we need answering so it may be worth attending and we will be able to justify the adventure.. I mean trip


  1. Watson Workspace.. when we getting it for real corporate use?? And not fun and games?  How will the Lic work
  2. Verse on Prem.. Yeah looks kool. Where the workspace..apps? I guess I need that browser thing whose name keeps changing?
  3. So wats the plan with the client.. They ever getting the fancy Verse look? Guess not..
  4. When can I use Webex in connection cloud?
  5. I played with blue mix I see the future in it .. but I still need help!!
  6. Can we have verse on Prem and Files, profile in the smart cloud
  7. Whats the deal with xpages.. u know wat I mean!
  8. How much time we have before the IBM Watson uprising starts
  9. We are in the process or running double check also .. So I am sure once done I will have tons of questions for pangenda and IBM.
  10. Also my annual complaint to the devs of how much xpinc sucks when you want to do something Big. To which they suggest use run of server option to which I say it prompts for a password.  To which they will say use a policy to Remember the users password.  To which I say can you provide a document on how to do that.  (because I have already done that and it was ridiculously complicated).  Then they will say talk to the policy team.  Then I will say I already have implemented this and the results in the users locking themselves out of the app when they change their password because now they also have to manual type there password in some random field in Notes Preferences, Accounts.  If you have no idea what I am talking about be thankfull!!
  11. Can you make this saml stuff easy

Other fun things or tips  to do in SF..

  • My son Asked me to go to Pier 39 and catch some Pokémon  Its supposed to be the best place in the world
  • pok
  • See if John Jardin remembers me and see If I can get a Foonze (thumbs up)
  • f
  • Hang out with the Australians there just crazy.  if I included a pic the blog would be NSFW
  • Try to keep up with Kim Green drinking.
  • Hug the Man in yellow from Curious George.. I think his name is Matt
  • man-in-yellow-hat-500x375
  • Tell your Friends if you get separated to meet near Ben from Ytria,, the Giant in the Orange Jacket
  • Balance is key, Attend sessions and socialize, learn stuff
  • Balance is also key when drinking.
  • Last year I regret not having Tequila shots with Nathan TF so this year double them up!!
  • tequila-shots-mwd108181_vert
  • Try not to cry when John Jardin shows you that you are doing everything wrong in Xpages again
  • For the Oldies.. there no water fountain meeting spot. So text each other or figure something new out.
  • Ask Volker how many clones he has forced to blog for him 24/7
  • Personal Goal: Hug Inhi Cho Suh.. she looks like such a QT! And I really think she is going  to shake things up for the better.

So lets see what u got Babes!!

As for everyone else.. if you see me roaming around.. Don’t be shy, say Hi, there a free beer in it for you.





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