3 Days to IBM Think 2018

Hey Guys

Its official, the count down has begun, 4 days to go!!

Here are a few things to remember and a few quick tips..

  • You can forget the sunscreen, unlike Orlando you will not be seeing the sun!!
  • For all you health conscious people you can attend Yoga, Jogging and kick boxing in the morning and Yoga and Jogging in the evening
  • When you arrive or go to the airport tell the cabby no Tunnel to avoid getting long hauled
  • There is a whole Food Grocery store further south at Town Square Mall
  • There several Walmart circling the Vegas strip.  If you Rent a car get your essentials at the Walmart next to the airport.
  • Mandalay Bay has the 3 rd largest Aquarium in North America, so check it out
  • There is a free monorail that connects Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur
  • There are other monorails that charge a fee. Monorail map
  • There is a shopping Mall that connects Luxor and Mandalay bay if you would perfer to walk.
  • Here is a property map of the Mandalay Bay
  • The official Hangout spot picked by the Queen of colaboration Gab is Mizuya
  • The Tuesday Night party “Ephox Aussie Party @ House of Blues so find their booth and get your invite (Hint booth 721)
  • The Sunday Sessions are opened to all registered attendees and the sessions are at MGM grand
  • There are shuttle buses from the different hotels
  • If someone is snapping cards on the Vegas Strip, its best you do not take their business cards.  If you don’t know what I am talking about.. you will before you leave vegas.
  • Bring more then one pair of shoes you will be doing a lot of walking
  • Know when to take it easy on the drinks
  • Each hotel has a different attraction worth checking out.  So do some home work.  Like the Bellagio fountains, Shark Reef ,  New York-New York rollar coster, Fremont Street 
  • What happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas, chances are your family will see what you have for dinner before you even taste it.  So keep it kool and remember this is still a cooperate place and you are representing your company
  • Always bet on Black
  • Time Zone and Jet lag + drinks and long days, early mornings will take a tool on you.
  • Bring your medication and a small pharmacy, or buy it when you arrive.
  • Sessions are kool but seeing what other are doing can be kooler, so go out and see the vendors, sponsors and Biz partners.  Plus gifts are nice too.
  • Meet the champions!! We are next to the food and drinks!!  Also if you know no one, we will gladly drink with you and party it up with you.

So See you there and stay safe

For Fun here are some quick pics from the past

Me on the jumbo Tron


Me partying with Miss Inhi @ Aussie party


Still @ Aussie Party


Me the Fonze and the Man from curious george… Sorry your head got chopped Mat @ Aussie Party


Always drink responsibly and safely, And know your limits.  I stopped @ 10


If you Party.. make sure you do it in style


In case you didn’t get it yet.. Aussie party


See you guys in Vegas!!

Your IBM Champ







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