Lets Count How many Rules Point Alliance has Broken and How unethical they are!!

For a quick recap as to what is going on, please review my last post.

Basically Point Alliance sent an email from a domain called Ibmdominomigration.com and claimed that Lotus Notes is on its last chapter and IBM has sold Lotus Notes  off.

Which is not kool!  Originally I thought the email was sent to just the  VP in charge of IT at my company because she had some how signed up to receive emails from Point Alliance. Instead they some how targeted the entire Executive Team(including the Owner, President, CFO, CEO… but excluding me). In total they sent the email to 14 people and then a reminder email to those 14 again 5 days later. Since the email was not considered Spam the people receiving it  thought it was legit. So far I have had to explain that it was shit 5 times!!

Now I know for a fact they broke CASL  (Canadian Anti Spam Laws) regulations!! Lets read some regulations off the official Canadian Website.



Rule 1.  Don’t send a message without their consent. 

No way the executive team would have signed up for Point alliance or ibmdominomigration.   So they have no right to email them.  So that is 14 emails, and they sent it twice so that is a total of 28 violations.

Rule 2. Be Truthful. 

The email has 2 lines in it: “Lotus Notes, the Last Chapter!” and “Are you still using Lotus Notes?”  Point Alliance is an IBM Business Partner that claims to have started the Lotus Notes users group in Toronto.   If they truly valued their business partnership with IBM,  and cared about the Lotus Notes community then they would have known that IBM has partnered with HCL to invest in Notes.  So Point Alliance clearly knows it is not the last chapter.  So I consider that not being truthful in your email.. so that is one more point  1+28 = 29 Rules broken.

But wait there was a survey too.  Point Alliance claimed  “IBM Sold off the Lotus Business Unit”  That clearly indicates they  are lying and back stabbing their own business partner.  Hey you get a point for that too 1+29 =30

Rule 3.  Clearly identify your Name, organization, mailing address, website, phone number, email address, web address. 

Point Alliance clearly did not identify themselves or their company in fact I suspect they even tried to pass them self off as being  IBM affiliated by using the sender  “survey@ibmdominomigration”.  So that is 7 more violations for not identifying your company and  I will throw in a bonus point for using some other domain with the letters IBM in it.  So that is 7 + 1+30=38.

Message to Point Alliance

Hey Point Alliance: 38!  That a lot of violations… but I bet if we were to ever find out how many other companies you sent that email to..  that number would sky rocket.

Right about now I think the best course of action for you guys to do is, own up to what you did.  And think of a way to make amends.  Tip: whatever you do, do not send a mass email!!!

“The penalties for committing a violation under CASL for an individual is $1 million, and for a business, it is $10 million.”

If you need help understanding the CASL regulations I am always available to assist.






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